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About Our Dolls

All dolls are hand poured with the finest slip available.  I use the following Seeley slip colors for my dolls:
Naturelle for Caucasian dolls
French Chocolate for medium toned African American dolls
Brown Velvet for dark toned African American dolls
Mohican for Native American dolls
For Latin American and Asian dolls, I use Naturelle with several washes of china paint to reach the desired effect of skin tone.

The greenware is CAREFULLY cleaned before firing to ensure a quality product.  After firing, I usually give my dolls approximately 3 to 4 china paint firings . . . and more if I'm not satisfied because I want to make sure that you are!!!

I try to paint my dolls using the original artist's technique sheets.  So you can expect the doll that you choose to look the way it is pictured on this site. 

All doll orders will be filled as pictured in the thumbnail images unless otherwise specified.  The fabrics may vary depending on availability.

Custom orders are my specialty so just because a doll on this site is pictured a certain way does not mean that it's always meant to be that way.  You can specify the skin tone, hair style, eye color, etc. when you place your order.

If you are wanting your doll to resemble one of your loved ones, please send me a picture.  I will try to find a doll that matches his or her features and dress the doll according to your specifications.   I will then give you a quote before I begin the project.


If you are a doll maker, then you know how fragile greenware is.  Please make sure to provide for insurance in case your package is damaged during shipment.


Body patterns are provided with all bisque kits.